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- July 17th Y2k
-6:15 PM

     99VC has been up and down a lot over the past 9+ months due to the end of Quake2 CTF for us.  We've had a lot of players go inactive, a few leave, and have picked up a few new faces.  Though this we have been in and out of the OGL and a few Q3 Tourneys.  We had a 'new' website come up, but there was only one person who could update it *coughElektrocough*, and lets just say...that person is beyond lazy.

     Currently we are in no ladders, leagues, tourneys, or anything, the members who do wish to play are playing w/ Knights Templar (our sister clan) in Q3CTF OGL and ICR.  We are not aginst the idea of fully opening up our own Q3CTF/Team DM or Clan Arena(Rocket Arena when that becomes avalible) teams, but we just cant find the intrest within the clan.  That brings me to the next topic; New members.

     We are accepting new members, but you must realize that we might not be having 99VC clan games for awhile longer until we have 6-8 active Q3 players, as of now we have about 3.  Elektro(Chris), TheHeckla, Sigma, and Keto.  Yea, thats 4, but Keto and I are not always around.  We have about 6+ other 99VC's, but they wont play Q3 and participate in the 99VC IRC Clan(I think we are the first IRC clan) :P

     This past weekend the 99VC Pacific Northwest crew got togeather and headed down to lansanity to get some LAN action going on.  The crew was Chris (The Quaker formerly known as Elektro), TheHeckla, [Oz]Chunk, Lumina and myself.  Lumi and I picked up Heckla on Saturday morning after a 45min detour while looking for his house, but then we promptly got on our way.  Lumi and I had both met Heckla one other time at a lan @ my place, so we got to chatting about quake, school, work, etc.  We stopped at Arby's where we had a nice chat about Breakfast Burittos then finished the ride to the Portland Convention Center.

     When we arrived we went ahead and staked out an area for our gang and started to bring down our gear.  After that Heckla needed to go buy a new mouse so we piled back in my car and headed to the Mall (about 4 blocks away).  While we were there Lumi went off cloth shopping so Heckla and I stopped into Starbucks and ordered up something to drink.  Naturally Heckla had to get some Quad Shot (Quad damage anyone?) action going on while I opted for something a little on the weaker side.  Well after coming up w/ no mouse @ the first Comp store and striking out at the second one Heckla decided to spring for a Razor mouse. On the way back to the LAN we noticed it was about 3pm...check in time for the hotel, so we  drop off Heckla and go check into our hotel.

     4:30, back at the LAN and ready to frag!  We spent most the day playing Clan Arena.  Chunk, Heckla and Elektro all signed up for the 1v1 tourney.  I'm not sure how Chunk did, but I know Heckla and Elektro did purty good.  I'll get all their demos and put'em in a dir w/in the next few days.

     Lets see, Lumi, Elektro and I went out to Red Robin that night...not much happened, played more quake then retired for bed about midnight.  I hear the other boys ended up staying awake until 7am, sleeping until 9am when they were awoken to play their 1v1 matches.  hehe, sucks for them :P

    Well, played more quake and all that good stuff then headed outta Portland around 4pm Sunday.  Hmm, got home, unpacked, and passed out.

Welp, I think that about does it for now.  We are going to have a LAN in Seattle tentatively scheduled for July 29th.  We will get a webpage togeather providing more information by the end of the week.


- November 22th 1999
-11:56 AM

     Quite a bit of activity recently. We just announced Head over and take a look. In time we will reveal what it really is :). Let me just say it is very very very cool. 

     Looks like Quake3 is steadily approaching, and Quake2 is fading into the past. On that note, we are sorry to see one of our most dedicated members, Aarondeep, leave us. We wish him well wherever he ends up. I would say Quake2 only has a couple weeks of life left. Unless quake3 really blows, then we are totally screwed.

     In other news, The HPB team beat Immortals and the LPB team beat t70. The lpbs got challenged by RD shortly thereafter. We hope the ping bitching doesn't get too drawn out :).


- November 13th 1999
-6:39 PM

     Well, it seems that the HPB team received a bit of a jumpstart by accepting Almighty, CreamCorn, and Deathstryker into the clan. Our hpbs are now a force to reckon with.


- November 11th 1999
-5:06 PM

     Just trying to keep things running smoothly. Aarondeep has taken charge of the q2ctf division of the clan, and things seem to be running smoothly. We just nudged by DN in a helluva game on RTCTF1a, winning on frags (I think 28 to be sure). Shortly thereafter we got the opportunity to challenge Virus.23 for #1.

     We also joined the Q2CTF open league, to get more matches. We seem to be wanting more and more scrimms nowadays, and just aren't finding them. League gives us a chance to get more matches in.

     In quake3dm news, we won our first ladder match. I think we are currently waiting for the admins to give us a forfeit, and then will start moving up again. That's all I have to say for now, except that Sigma and Elektro, the terrible twosome,  have something very very special in the works, but they would kill me if I told you. Look forward to finding out about it =).


- November 4th 1999
-4:56 PM

     Its been quite some time since my last update. Quite a bit has happened in the last month. As many/all know, we gained first place in the ogl open ladder by beating Legends , then defended #1 against eastwood, only to relinquish the spot to bzkr, in a tough loss on CTF1. Currently we are #2, with an anticipated match tonight against DN to defend our rung. 

     In other news, we reached the finals of the beanie babies tourney. We are in the winners bracket, so we have two chances to win. We hope the win the tourney, which I am told comes with a cool  trophy compliments of *ty radar.

     The 99VC HPB team has revived itself, adding sherbz and sloth to their ranks. Look for them to dominate the ogl in the near future.

    Finally, Sigma and Elektro have started a Q3DM team. We hope to be competitive in Q3DM, and have taken the first step towards that plateau with the addition of nexus to the clan. We are actively recruiting for Q3DM, if you are interested then contact Sigma. I would also like to welcome Soul and Fear to the clan, excellent additions to the lpb team. 


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