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- September  20th, 1999
-9:09 AM

     We played NFL last night for the first round of the Beanie Baby tourney.  We beat them 14-1 on Smelter in a 2 server match.  Sigma, Jeffrey, Aarondeep, and I played.
     We were planning on playing BZKR for the OGL open ladder after the NFL match, but we had trouble finding a server.  We have postponed the match until tomorrow.
     Sadly, the HPB team has decided step down.  They have lost a number of members to lpbness, and don't have enough to continue.  They step down with a record of 5-2.


- September  14th, 1999
-10:49 PM

    Since last time, the LPB's beat Trinity-UDA and SPB. We wanted to challenge RD (who was open to challenge after we beat SPB, but unfortunately SPB refused to report the loss, and RD got challenged by someone else. So we are pretty stagnant on the ladder right now, Restin' at #12. We started this climb back at the beginning of July, so we made it to the top 15 (from about #145) in 2.5 months. Not bad considering it took about twice that time to get to the top before the ogl was reset. We went undefeated too, 7-0. I hope we can win our next match (and get into the top 10 undefeated). The modem guys unfortunately lost to COIL in a tough match on smelter. I think a couple guys are going to go LPB this week but I dun wanna jinx it. 

    With school back in swing it becomes tougher and tougher for everyone to find time. A lot of clans are dropping out of Q2. We will not drop out of Q2 until Q3 comes around (or at least I won't). Anyways I just wanted to say if you don't like the zelda midi TOO BAD. It adds to the whole 99 cent atmosphere. For those of you that miss the old site with the kickass graphics and the cool flash, TOO BAD, everything.html is much easier to update. I guess thats all for now I am becoming a bit winded so ttyl.


- September  7th, 1999
-1:45 AM

    We played our rescheduled match against K9K on Sunday night.  We won 15-3 on Smelter.  Thanks to the K9K for understanding about the first game. The HPB's also had a match Sunday night.  They beat [I], 7-6.

- September  1st, 1999 | 99VC Rides Forfeits and a Victory
-3:19 AM

     We played our match last night for the Open OGL ladder against K9K.  Everyone of our players connections were attacked multiple times during the game.  This caused multiple disconnections and we ended up having a maximum of 1-2 players playing versus 4 for 3/4 of the game.  We are currently talking with K9K about rescheduling the match.  The results of that game will be posted soon.

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