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  - June 15, 1999 | Bud, Zombkhils, and Zorak join 99VC
-4:30pm PST
     Our HPB team is filling out nicely, we added Bud, Zombkhils and Zorak, all great additions to our all-star caliber HPB team.  I think we are still looking into a few more HPB's to round out our team and we should have our HPB team completed by the end of this week (heh, at least I like to think so :P).

     We have a saying "99VC for life", but also have a 3 month probationary period where we can get a good feel for the new members, and also make the final judgment on their commitment to the 99VC.  The reason I bring this up is because I asked Punkass to spend more time playing CTF and being active within the clan or to please step down.  Punkass is no longer a 99VC member, but we still have much love for'em! 

     Well this is Slicker and all I have to add to this wonderful update is that, if you see me on a public server, I advise you to spec, otherwise I will kill you.

More later.
- Sigma & Slicker

  - June 10, 1999 | Aarondeep, BlackFlag, and Dead Meat join 99VC
-3:00am PST
     Some of you might be surprised by the sudden surge of new players, but we are just trying to get ready for July.  Depending on what we want to do as a clan we have a few options.  A) re-join ladder around the 10-12th of July, or B) Join a week or so later and have a intense week of practices every night getting the feel for each other.

     A little about the new recruits.  Some members have expressed concern about becoming the next TULL...errr...Borg in the fact that we do have a lot of members.  As we all know...we have about 40 players.  "WTF?!  40?"  yes, 40.  When we say "99VC for life" we mean it.  A lot of these players do not play quake anymore...dose that mean they are not 99VC?  nope, because they ARE and always WILL be 99VC.  As of this minute, without the new pickups, we have one or two LPB who currently play a lot and can make the games.  We have about four to five other LPB's who are "active" yet due to one reason or another cant consistently make games.  I guess the point i'm making is that you need to "refresh" your players every 4-6 months to remain competitive.  With the addition of Aarondeep, BlackFlag, and Dead Meat to the lineup, and Elektro and myself getting a reliable LPB connect next month we will be about 10 active/consistent LPB's for games.

     On the HPB side of things it looks like everything is going to workout great.  Looks like we will have a HPB team that will be able to pickup where our last HPB team  (*ahem * undefeated :P) finished off.  I'm not going to disclose any more info about it yet, because nothing is in stone and could all fall apart quite quickly if something goes wrong.  Keep your eye on the page for info though =)

Well that's about it for clan stuff right now.  In ReailLife(tm) I'll know for sure if I am getting the apartment that I've been waiting for.  They have both mine and Elektro's applications and my $300 deposit and told me I'll know within 48hrs.  It better all fooking work out *fingers crossed*

- Sigma

  - June 5, 1999
-12:24pm PST
     We have been putting forth a lot of effort to build our undefeated HPB team back...and it looks like we might just be able to pull it off.  #23 joins us as a HPB, he is a great player/person and he is a nice addition to the 99VC family.  We are currently reviewing a few other HPB's for the team also.

     Elektro is leaving Storm-Shadows house on Monday to head back to Dallas where he will spend a few days before leaving on a 10-14 day trip to Scotland.  When he returns he will be moving to Seattle shortly there after where we will be roomies....and kick ass on ADSL :)

     I am moving around the 16th of this month to our new apartment (where Ele and I will have ADSL), then I am promptly leaving on the 18th to head home to California.  Come the 19th I'll be going to Mexico for a few weeks and will return sometime during the first week of July.  Elektro and I should be both up in Seattle around the 6-10ish and will have DSL fully installed shortly there after.  When we get our DSL installed I think we will be starting our LPB team backup because with the addition of Elektro and myself that's two more people who could always play.

That's about it for now.
- Sigma

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