Top news for July 17, 2000

*First update in many moons - Read more in the news section

*99VC Welcomes TheHeckla to the clan!

*Accepting applicants for Q3DM

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Clan info

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*Retired* 99VC Records *Retired*

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OGL record (combined modem/open): 10/2(ogl season 2)


ogl_button.gif (32766 bytes) Open CTF ladder :
Modem CTF ladder:
being updated


Accepting challenges?:   Yes! (Click here to challenge us.)
Accepting members?:     Yes! Accepting member's for Q3 DM
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Misc Info


#1 HPB's - 99VC's all-star HPB page.

*What happened to quake?

BANGG - 99VC's trip to the server farm!  Quake, Strippers and one hell of a LAN party.

BANGG2(AKA Heatstock) - No page, just pic's.

Beacons Music - Check out 99VC's own musician...Beacon!


Contacting us

    You can contact the 99VC in the following ways:

*To challenge us to a match, click here*


You can reach the Clan leaders at the following:


Sigma -
Elektro -


You can join us in IRC:


Server -
Channel - #clan_99vc


If you don't have ICQ, go to IRC fool.

Sigma - 360441

Elektro - 2985924  


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